Who am I? That's me, I call myself DJ Strobe

Who am I? That's me, I call myself DJ Strobe
I'm just a local DJ here in Vancouver

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Make A Beat

You like music right? Of course you do! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking to download an instrumental maker. I’m also guessing you want to make either dubstep or rap beats. Well, DubTurbo is one of the best software for making music.

Before you came to this website, you may have been wondering or thinking about the question “How do I make a beat?” Well DubTurbo is an easy instrumental maker to use, it requires no previous knowledge and learning how to use it is very easy. Click here to watch a video demo of how the program works. In addition to the video, below is what the actual program looks like.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Instrumental Maker

So that picture above is what the program looks like when you use it. I know it may look complicated but it’s not hard to use at all. Good music can only be made by good programs, this instrumental maker does that. Just below is a Youtube video of a person using the beat maker.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Bit About Myself

I'm DJ Strobe and my real name is Steve Hills. I look pretty professional in the picture up there don't I? LoL, just kidding. I'm actually started out as just a regular guy trying to do what I love, making music for people to hear. I started off my career with this program not long ago. I love making instrumental beats and this thing helped me boost my bass to a new level. I was able to make some pretty tight beats and my music became popular after awhile, ok maybe not as popular as I would like to think, hah. Like I said earlierDubTurbo is simple to use, doesn’t require advanced knowledge and there are a lot of tutorials online. You'll learn how to make beats and show off to your friends in no time, only thing that limits you is your imagination.

I have to say DubTurbo was the best decision I made in my dj career so far. You might want to become famous or you might just want to make your own music for fun, this music creator is definitely for you. My style is more dance type of music or Dubstep, but your genre of music doesn't matter. DubTurbo can make music for ALL GENRES! I'm guessing most people came here for rap beats or techno beats, but whatever you plan on making, this instrumental maker can do it. I am not joking! This program gets the job done, I can assure you that. So I suggest you go for it and go make music and live your life to the fullest!

Okay, so as musicians we like listening more than reading, so I'm gonna cut the chatter and let you guys listen to DubTurbo. Click Here To Visit The Official Website

Some Final Thoughts

Hey, making music or beats or whatever can be hard, but as long as you enjoy it, you can make wonders. Just don't give up you know? Keep doing what you love and don't let anyone tell you, you can't. When I was starting out, no one believed in me you know? They all thought I was wasting my time trying to make a living in music. Well I proved them all wrong and now I have a decent job doing what I love. And if you got no one that believes in you, DJ Strobe will believe in you! So go out there and make some dope beats! Peace out!